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Derek's Main Page began several years ago when I wrote a simple .html file with so much stuff in it, that it took forever to load. It was messy, disorganized, and didn't serve any purpose except to consume time and storage space. Lycos then got a virus and it was lost. I then made Derek's NEW Main Page, which was far superior in many ways. It had multiple pages, but still had a few problems (no images, still disorganized, no real purpose). Still, I frequently updated it and tried to make it better. I even made a grid pattern for the background. A while later, after I finished that page, I realized thet it was in need of an overhaul. I started from scratch and created this page. When I finished this page, it still had problems (it had very few images, no real purpose) so I tried to fix them. I put up images and buttons, and created more pages with more content. This website is the result. Enjoy!

My old site is still online, but falling into disrepair (most of is hasn't been updated since February)

This site was created by Derek.