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My News Page

Watch here for current things or news that I post.

November 16th 2001 - Science Project

My science project is nearing completion. I have some digital pictures (thanks to my Grandpa and his digital camera) which I am thinking of posting. Keep watching the skies...

November 15th 2001 - Computer Equipment

I recently went through a dumpster and have gotten all sorts of computer stuff (hard drives, 3 and a half inch floppy disk drives, motherboards, ram cards, processors, etc.). It is all very cool (I like the circuit boards the best). If you are interested in looking at some of it, I can send pictures if you contact me.

November 15th 2001 - Computer Games

It is only 4 days until Star Trek Armada II is available in stores. It is a super-cool game involving ships and strategy. I just can't wait.

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