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About this Site

This page is about me. I am 15 years old, and I live in Edmonton Alberta (Canada for those too poor to afford a globe). I enjoy building webpages in my spare time and that hobby has led to the construction of several multi-page websites like this one. It all started about 3 years ago when I got a book on HTML. By the way, I program my websites from scratch, unlike the lazy people out there who rely on sitebuilders. I enjoy tinkering with the code to improve my site. Anyway, 3 years ago, with my book, I build an extremely crude and disorganized page. I spent many hours working on it until finally it was complete. It didn't take Lycos long to "lose" it in an "unfortunate" crash. I wasn't discouraged, and proceded to build my next website. Now this site had no design to it whatsoever. I had 10 pages interconnected to form a site that was very good for my age at the time (13), but still, there came a time when this just wasn't good enough to present to my friends. So, I put in a few hours (6:00 pm for example) and totaly redesigned my website. The result was a very good (in my opinion) website that was easy to use. The high point was the use of frames. Frames are when you partition a webpage and each frame is actually a complete webpage loaded into a small box in the browser. Although this is great for menus and things like that, it takes a lot of processor power to load 5 pages simultaneously than to just load 1. This was one of two problems. The other problem was that (why I do this escapes me), with every page I made, I had no real purpose to put it there. I had no subject. The HTML was it. This made me branch out my site and have a bit of every subject I could think of on my sites. This has been a root problem all along. So, anyway, THIS page is a redesign of my old one. It has only 3 frames as opposed to the 8 or 9 on my last site. Also, it has no page transitions. Those two things really cut down on the load time. This page could then be considered a "low bandwidth" site because it doesn't require a broadband internet connection or, like the last one, a 17" monitor opperating at 1280 X 1024 resolution to display correctly.

My pages are still opperationable, but have not been updated for a long time.
My second major site
My most recent site

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