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News - August

On this page I will try to put a daily observation. This page usually contains some stuff the TV told me.

News I realized that maybe when you clicked on news, you expected some real news and not just my ramblings. So if you want some actual news to sink your teeth into, try this on for size. It is an up-to-date headline news thingy that updates all by itself! Technology and stuff is amazing.

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Anyway, tommorow I'll have a brand spanking new funky fresh ultra fly fact served up for ya with a side of slaw. No fries though.

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August 9, 2003

Tonite I watched a full hour of some show about cats to try and find a fact. And there was nothing really good. It was like "Oooh. Australia has a cat problem with this and that whatever...blah blah". I was getting like upset with the tv and then I did a quick flip over to Discovery Health and right at that moment the dude on the show said and I quote "We fart on average 10 to 20 times a day". Sometimes with the TV you just get lucky sometimes...

Here are some facts about farts.

August 8, 2003

I found out today that female brains are like more evolved than male brains. Some part of the brain (I forgot to write down the name. Hypothalmus? Is that right?) that deals with analysis and communication is bigger in females than in males. When presented with a situation women tend to analyze before reacting...but men take on a more impulsive "animal" reaction. I guess that's cool and all but it might explain why women might not drive as well as guys.

Here's a thing about how women deal with the drive-thru ATM.

August 7, 2003

The tv today told about how way back in the day the Romans had public toilets like out on the street and stuff. They weren't like stalls or whatever they were like long benches with holes and people would just hang out and sit around. There wasn't any toilet paper so they'd just use reusable sponges. Not a good time period for the germaphobes...but a great time period for jerky pranksters who liked to whip sponges at people!

If they were still in use today you'd turn a corner...howdy!

August 6, 2003

I found out today the scientists are looking to improve our memory by messing around with the CREB gene. The CREB gene kicks in when you're supposed to remember something and fuses synapses together or something. Like how to get back to your house is like a serious fuse. A phone number off information gets like no fuse. But by messing with CREB you'll be able to remember that number off information on the first try and lots of other stuff too. So eventually we can all have a photographic memory. But it can also be used for evil in the opposite way by short circuiting all the we'll like all live in Memento or something...

Wanna test out your CREB?

August 5, 2003

No fact today. me was away.

August 4, 2003

I found out today that alot of science dudes are betting on Helium-3 to be the next major energy source. The good news: It's seriously strong stuff. Not radioactive and doesn't pollute the air. One railroad box car of the stuff could power the whole United States for one year. And there's tons and tons of this stuff available. The bad news: It's all on the moon. Doh!

Here's the Moon Treaty drawn up in 1979 to make sure countries all play nice nice when it comes to moon exploration. I'm sure when billions of dollars start pouring out of the will hold up just fine.

August 3, 2003

According to tv (which I have come to love and respect), if you steal a car in Orange County, California and get caught, your criminal defense attorney will take you into his mansion on the hill and let you live in his pool house. Then he'll dress you up in a nice suit and take you around with his family to like fashion shows and stuff. And then you get to party with all the richie neighborhood girls until you're rehabilitated...No wonder the whole state is broke.

Here's an oh so witty survival guide for The O.C.

August 2, 2003

Today I watched a show called Ducks Unlimited and I watched these dudes hunt duck like on the Mississippi River somewhere or something. If you wanna "blast some quacker" (that's not really an expression I just made it up) you throw out a bunch of decoys and then lay out in a layout boat. So I guess today's fact is that I done learnt about "layout boats". They're like kayaks but you like lay down with your gun and quack your duckcall till it's time to blast some quacker! (eh...maybe it'll catch on)

Here's some dudes chillin in their layout boat waiting to blast some quacker!

August 1, 2003

Well today I kept a promise. Last month on July 18th I said I would tell you about air conditioning. So heres the story on a/c. Basically a gas is in a tube and it gets pumped around and absorbs heat and expands on the inside of your house and releases heat and contracts on the outside of your house. Thats all I remember...

If you are really cheap or "economical" I suggest you find out how to air condition your house over the summer with Ice. Also...would you believe that we have an Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute? I dint.

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