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These are a few pictures of my family, friends and whatever else happens to be in the viewfinder.

Pictures of Family

Jasper Sandra Some Cousins and 2 Girls They Made Friends With Grandma and Derek
Jack Grandma Grandpa in Japan Derek, Sandra, Grandma, and Emily
Lake Bonavista Sandra and Derek Grandma Holding Teddy Teddy

Swim Meet Pictures

After 100 Butterfly Derek Crowded Pool My 100 Butterfly Race
Derek Again Yet Another Derek My Coach The Kinsmen Pool
An Artistic View of a Pool The Location of a Swim Meet


The Construction of Karot's House The Continuing Construction of Karot's House Mountains Mountains
Mountains Mountains Mountains Elk
Elk Elk

April Snow Flakes

Before After Before After
Before After Back Yard Half Summer - Half Winter

Grad 2003   New

Sorry about low picture quality, but I had crap lighting and people were nudging me from behind (a bit blurry). Also, no thumbnails because the resolution makes it so there is not point. I will scan some pics from a film-camera soon.

Kevin in a suit

Kevin attacking me

Erin Graduating (I was worried there for a second)

September singing

Other Pictures

Lego Mindstorm Robot The House in Winter The Street in Winter Derek's Refinished Desk
Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland My Grade 1 Tree